Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for camp?

See our upcoming sessions and register or log into your existing account from our register page. Please let us know if you need any assistance.

What if I need to cancel or change my registration?

Our cancellation policy offers a 90% refund for any reason for up to two weeks before your registered session. After that date there is no refund. Please email us if you need to cancel your registration or would like to inquire about switching dates. Please see our Policies page for the full cancellation policy.

Is there camp on July 4, 2024?

Yes, camp will run as usual on July 4th. We run 9am-3pm, if you have the day off from work use the morning to relax before picking up your camper with plenty of time to get to your celebration before fireworks!

What should my child bring to camp?

Our farm is an active, outdoor-oriented camp so dressing appropriately is important. Be sure to pack an extra change of clothes and shoes for the week. Depending on the weather outlook for your child's week, don't forget:

  • Extra shoes - rain boots or sandals
  • Extra pants, shorts or a bathing suit

All children have the opportunity to work with and ride horses. For their safety they must bring:

  • a well fitting helmet (bicycle is okay)
  • sturdy shoes capable of protecting their feet when working with animals, must be closed-toe

We provide snacks and water daily, as well as a cookout lunch with lots of choices on Friday.

  • Pack a lunch Monday-Thursday.
  • Daily drop off is 9:00am with pick up at 3:00pm. Check in on Mondays begins at 8:45.

What does a typical day of camp look like?

Each day has 6 stations usually consisting of horseback riding, arts and crafts, cooking and homestead snacks, group games, gardening, and animal time. The activities that occur in each category change every day. For example, arts and crafts may make tie dye t-shirts, leather bracelets, puppets, picture frames, and friendship bracelets throughout the week. Garden time may have a tasting tour, learning how plants grow, helping to tend the garden and plant new things, making chia pets, and planting their own sunflower. We have many activities and switch them up throughout the summer so that the flow is familiar but no two days or weeks are ever identical.

How does Wildwood Ranch support diversity, equity and inclusion?

Thanks for asking! Our goal is to create an atmostphere where all people regardless of race, ethnicity, social background, economic means, physical or mental abilities, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other factors feel supported and safe. We feel strongly that camp is all about the community that you create and we are striving to be an organization that will support all people who come to us. This might mean that some campers receive a bit more support than others, and that is good. This extends to both our campers and staff, and all staff members are vetted to ensure that they have the same commitment to supporting all people.

My camper needs more support due to ASD, ADD, ADHD, sensory processing disorder or another reason, can they still come to camp?

Please send us an email or call to talk with MacKenzie. We can support campers in many ways but are not accredited in any specific way and do not employ a camp nurse or specialty support members. We can work with you to see if we can tweak things to make camp successful for your camper by providing visual schedule supports, timed reminders, quiet down locations and other adaptations. If your camper has a BCBA or other support person whom you would like to attend camp with them, we welcome that discussion and have experience making that work.

Can I sign my camper up for multiple sessions in one year?

Short answer is yes. We change up our activities from day to day and week to week so that things are never exactly the same. But that being said, some campers expect a totally new experience and are not happy returning. You know your camper best and should know whether or not coming multiple weeks is a good idea for them.

How is the Specialty Day Camp program different than your Classic Ranch Camp?

Specialty camps are for campers ages 10-15 who are looking for a new experience at camp. Half of each day will focus on their specialty projects while the other half will be spent experiencing the classic ranch activities such as horseback riding, gardening, crafts, homestead snacks, games, and small animal time. Campers will not do all 6 “classic” activities each day but will be able to experience all of them at least once during their week at camp. Limited to 10 campers per session.

How is the Counselor in Training program different than your Classic Ranch Camp?

The CIT program is for campers ages 12-15 who have attended Wildwood Ranch in the past (not a strict requirement for 2023, but will be in the future) but are aging out of the program or are ready for a new adventure at camp. Each day will have dedicated time to learn, discuss, and practice leadership skills as a team before exploring interests at camp and on the farm. CITs will have the opportunity to customize their week to their interests by helping in different areas. Possible placements at camp include working with the horses (learning ground skills, care and keeping, and body and tack parts), as a junior counselor to a camper group, assisting in leading activities (arts and crafts, campfire cooking or games), helping with the small animals, or working in our garden. Our goal is for each CIT to learn practical leadership skills, have a positive experience practicing and implementing those skills at camp, to have a deeper understanding of what it means to be a responsible citizen, and have fun!

What if my child has food allergies or other medical needs?

We can accommodate a wide variety of food allergies and medical needs. Please contact us with any known allergies or medical needs and we will work with you to see if we can create a plan for your child's week at camp.

What time should I pick up and drop off my child?

Camp starts at 9am and ends at 3pm. Drop off is 8:45-9:15. Pick up is 3-3:15, so no need to arrive before 3pm as campers will not be released to the pick up area until 2:55, and when all parents attempt to arrive by 3pm we run out of space for cars to wait.

How do I reach the Ranch from the road and where should I park?

Make sure to turn your blinker on and slow down a ways in advance of the turn off from Fall City Snoqualmie Rd. The speed limit is 50 and there are many semis that drive down the road. The driveway is between the white vinyl fenced fields and the row of mailboxes. Our driveway is shared with neighbors and is not quite two lanes wide, please go slow and pass others safely and with care. Drive up along the white fencing and turn right into the loop driveway with the enter sign. There are parking spots at the top of the loop and continuing down the other side. If you need additional time to get your camper ready you may park and walk them to the pillars. Pick up and drop off for the week will occur in our loop driveway. Please stay in your car and pull forward to the pillars, we will bring all campers up to the loop driveway at 3pm and check them out to you. Please update your authorized pickup lists as we will not release campers to individuals not on it.

What is the staff to camper ratio?

Our average staff to camper ratio is 1:5.

How do camper groups work?

Children are split into groups of 8-12, depending on needs and requests. When children are put into groups on Monday mornings, they are asked to sit next to friends or family they wish to be grouped with. Feel free to e-mail us with special requests if you feel your child will not be comfortable conveying this info to us. This group is your child's home base and how they are organized for activities. Each group has counselors which remain with the group for the week.

Does my child have to pack a lunch?

Monday - Thursday children must bring a lunch. Friday we have a cook-out, so no lunch is needed. Snacks will be provided daily.

Does my child have to eat breakfast before coming to camp?

Yes, children must eat before camp. Snacks will be provided later in the day.

What happens if it is raining?

Camp still runs in the rain. We have several buildings that are under cover including the barn, potting shed, and several spaces covered by awnings. We revise some activities to bring them under cover. Bring some rain boots and a rain jacket, and possibly an extra change of clothes!

How often will my child ride a horse and what if they do not want to?

Children have the opportunity to ride each day of camp. We have experience with reluctant riders and will do our best to encourage them. We will not force any child to ride.

My child knows how to ride a horse. Can they do something more advanced?

We have a wide variety of horses to accommodate a wide variety of skill levels. While we are able to make allowances for more advanced riders, this is a children's camp and there are elevated safety concerns. To ensure safety for all riders, there are some things that we cannot allow our riders to do. Despite this, we will do our best to make the experience fun and challenging for experienced horseback-riders.

What about technology at camp?

Please see our Cell Phone and Technology policy for full details, but in short, the less technology at camp, the better. Campers and staff will not use phones at camp so that they are able to experience what it is to be fully engaged in their current surroundings. If you need to get ahold of your camper for any reason feel free to call or text us at 425-556-0500.

Are there discounts available?

Yes! We have a sibling discount that applies automatically in your cart at checkout. We also have a monthly payment plan that can be selected as an option at checkout. If you experience any difficulites please email us. If your family is in need of financial aid please reach out to us directly to talk about options.

How does COVID-19 affect summer camps? Will you be running camp this summer?

At this time, we plan to run all sessions of summer camp. Please see our Policies page for details.

How do I get ahold of someone while my child is at camp?

Please call us at ((425)556-0500) during camp hours. Please leave a message if necessary. The phone is nearby but our hands may be busy!