Frequently Asked Questions

How does fall after school camp work?

Our camps will start with a snack then move onto three activities for the afternoon which could include campfire cooking, crafts, nature activities, outdoor group games, or animal time. At this time we do not plan to ride horses during after school camps. Remember that t he days are chillier and will be getting dark earlier, please dress your camper accordingly with sweaters, long pants, coats, and appropriate footwear such as rain boots or sneakers that don't mind getting muddy. Please pack a water bottle and a snack if your camper is a picky eater.

What is your minimum attendance policy for fall after school camps?

We need a minimum of 10 campers to run each day of camp. One week out we will send an email alerting registrants if we have met this requirement. If we have less than 10 campers signed up you are welcome to try and get friends to sign up to meet the requirement. If by 48hrs before camp we do not have 10 campers we will be cancelling the day and issuing a full refund. Thank you for understanding.

How does COVID-19 affect summer camps? Will you be running camp this summer?

At this time, we plan to run all sessions of summer camp. Please see our COVID-19 page for details.

What if I have to cancel my registration?

Our standard cancellation policy offers a full refund for any reason for up to a week before your registered session. After that date, we offer credit toward a future week of camp. Please see our COVID-19 page for our revised policy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What should my child bring to camp?

Our farm is an active, outdoor-oriented camp so dressing appropriately is important. Be sure to pack an extra change of clothes and shoes for the week. Depending on the weather outlook for your child's week, don't forget:

  • Extra shoes - rain boots or sandals
  • Extra pants, shorts or a bathing suit

All children have the opportunity to work with and ride horses. For their safety they must bring:

  • a well fitting helmet (bicycle is okay)
  • sturdy shoes capable of protecting their feet when working with animals

We provide snacks and juice daily, as well as a cookout lunch with lots of choices on Friday.

  • Pack a sack lunch Monday-Thursday.
  • Daily drop off is 9:00am with pick up at 3:00pm. Check in on Mondays begins at 8:45.

What if my child has food allergies or other medical needs?

We can accommodate a wide variety of food allergies and medical needs. Please contact us with any known allergies or medical needs and we can create a plan for your child's week at camp.

What time should I pick up and drop off my child?

Camp starts at 9am and ends at 3pm. Please let us know if you need further flexibility.

How do I reach the Ranch from the road and where should I park?

Make sure to turn your blinker on and slow down a ways in advance of the turn off from Fall City Snoqualmie Rd. The speed limit is 50 and there are many semis that drive down the road. The driveway is between the white vinyl fenced fields and the row of mailboxes, just West of the “All Pets go to Heaven” sign. Our driveway is shared with neighbors and is not quite two lanes wide, please go slow and pass others safely and with care. Drive up along the white fencing and turn right into the loop driveway with the enter sign. There are parking spots at the top of the loop and continuing down the other side. Please park, then walk your campers across the driveway and into the fields, there will be a check in table inside the gate. Pick up in the same fashion, park then walk inside the gate to sign out your child for the day!

Will my children be able to be in the same group?

Yes. When children are put into groups, they are asked to sit next to friends or family they wish to be grouped with. Feel free to e-mail us with special requests.

What is the average group size?

Children are broken into groups of 8-12, depending on needs and requests. This is your child's home base and how they are organized for specific activities. Each group has counselors which remain with the group for the week.

Does my child have to pack a lunch?

Monday - Thursday children must bring sack lunches. Friday we have a cook-out, so no sack lunch is needed. Snacks will be provided.

Does my child have to eat breakfast before coming to camp?

Tuesday and Wednesday children have the opportunity to make breakfast sandwiches with egg, cinnamon-sugar, or fruit filling. Monday, Thursday, and Friday children must eat before camp. Snacks will be provided.

What happens if it is raining?

Camp still runs in the rain. We have several buildings that are under cover including the barn, potting shed, and several spaces covered by awnings. We revise some activities to bring them under cover. Bring some rain boots and a rain jacket, and possibly an extra change of clothes!

How often will my child ride a horse and what if they do not want to?

Children have the opportunity to ride each day of camp. We have experience with reluctant riders and will do our best to encourage them. We will not force any child to ride.

My child knows how to ride a horse. Can they do something more advanced?

We have a wide variety of horses to accommodate a wide variety of skill levels. While we are able to make allowances for more advanced riders, this is a children's camp and there are elevated safety concerns. To ensure safety for all riders, there are some things that we cannot allow our riders to do. Despite this, we will do our best to make the experience fun and challenging for experienced horseback-riders.

How do I get ahold of someone while my child is at camp?

Please call Kate on her cell (4258026705) or MacKenzie on her cell (4252605024) during camp hours. Please leave a message if necessary. The phone is nearby but our hands may be busy!