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34920 SE Fall City-Snoqualmie Rd
Fall City, WA 98024


Visits by appointment only.

Make sure to turn your blinker on and slow down a ways in advance of the turn off from Fall City Snoqualmie Rd. The speed limit is 50 and there are many semis that drive down the road. The driveway is between the white vinyl fenced fields and the row of mailboxes, just West of the “All Pets go to Heaven” sign. Our driveway is shared with neighbors and is not quite two lanes wide, please go slow and pass others safely and with care. Drive up along the white fencing and turn right into the loop driveway with the enter sign. There are parking spots at the top of the loop and continuing down the other side. Please park, then walk your campers across the driveway and into the fields, there will be a check in table inside the gate. Pick up in the same fashion, park then walk inside the gate to sign out your child for the day!