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Wildwood Ranch is located on 20 acres in Fall City, WA and offers camps where kids ages 5 to 13 can run wild and enjoy all that nature has to offer. Kids will learn how to ride horses, cook on a campfire, tend our garden, make crafts, and have the freedom to just plain be themselves. We believe in the power of disconnecting from technology and spending time outdoors to re-engage an individual's creative self. It is our goal to provide a grounding place in this fast world where campers and their families can slow down, take a breath, and be their true self while engaging in a community that is thoughtful and helps to grow connections.

MacKenzie Kinsman is the owner and director of Wildwood Ranch and cultivated her passion for children and summer camp for the past decade at Shoofly Farm, at times serving as interim-director. She attended many camps throughout her childhood and strives to bring the best aspects of each to Wildwood Ranch.


Registration for 2024 spring and summer sessions opens on January 11th at 10am!


Classic Ranch Day Camp Program

Weeklong sessions June 19 - August 30th

Monday - Friday, 9am-3pm

Ages 5-12


Specialty Day Camp Programs

Wilderness Survival and Homestead Skills, All About Wool

Select weeks during the summer

Monday - Friday, 9am-3pm

Ages 10-15


Summit Adventures

Hiking in the Cascades

still working out the details but we plan to run two weeks of hiking adventures

Monday - Friday, 9am-3pm

Ages 12-15


Summer CIT Program

Up to 10 experienced campers come together to learn about their leadership potential and take on responsibilities at camp.

Select weeks during the summer

Monday - Friday, 9am-3pm

Ages 12-15