Alongside all of you, we have been following the COVID-19 situation quite closely. We understand the dilemma that the school closures and the "stay at home" order poses to working parents and have been pondering how best to help our community with child care in the current situation.

Camp Started June 22nd!

Washington State is allowing youth camps to open in all stages of the Safe Start program with limited capacities and extra precautions.

Refund Policy

We have revised our refund policy for the year to allow for refunds to be given at any time, for any reason. We understand that finances at this time can be uncertain or strained. If your family has been financially affected by COVID-19, please let us know and we can work out a plan for payment together.

How We Are Keeping Campers Safe

We understand that children have been home since the end of March and many families have had no childcare during this time. Kids need social interaction and time outdoor and while we are eager to meet this need, we need to do so with safety measures in place.

This summer we are limiting enrollment to 30 kids per week. We are further splitting each week into 3 groups of 10, moving each group through activities as independently as possible. We will be eliminating “all camp” free time such as campfire time and large group games and moving them into our rotation of activities for groups to experience on their own to aid in social distancing.

We will be performing fever checks each morning, any child with a temperature above 100°F will be asked to return home and will be refunded their camp tuition.

As for sanitation policies, we are following the American Camp Association’s guide as closely as possible. We have two hand washing stations and will require everyone to wash hands upon arrival, between activities, and before/after lunch and snacks (in addition to the usual washing after bathroom use and touching animals). Gates and doors will be sanitized every morning and evening, and will be left open where possible so that campers are not touching them unless absolutely necessary.

Craft supplies will be separated in advance and given to individual campers instead of having them communally available. Items that are shared (such as metal stamps for leather working) will be sanitized between groups.

Mask Policy

Many of you are aware that Washington State put out a new mandate on masks in public spaces. The mandate states that individuals must wear a mask when in an establishment of business, whether it is located indoors or outdoors (think outdoor beer garden or farmers market). Masks are not required outside when a 6 ft distance from others is maintained. We fall in a grey zone: we service children, who are supposed to wear masks but are generally regarded as not being able to tolerate them, and are an outdoors facility. Since most campers are above the minimum recommended mask-wearing age of 5 and will not be able to consistently keep a 6 ft distance from all other campers, we will be wearing masks at Wildwood Ranch.

We understand that this is not how you imagined your summer would be. Most camps and activities are cancelled and school is uncertain. With cases still rising in many states (including ours), wearing masks will enable us to still move forward from the Stay at Home orders. Let’s all do our part and wear masks to keep the spread of COVID-19 down.

All campers and staff wore masks in our last few sessions and we rarely had to remind campers to put them on. We are working hard to incorporate times each day when masks can be off and campers can still be having fun. Think noodle tag, parachute games, horseback riding, group games like mafia, and of course lunch and snacks.

Below you will find links to blog posts that look at the social effects of wearing masks, how to make your own masks/face coverings, and how to talk to your child about them and normalize the behavior among other things.

Thank You

We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and adapt as necessary. There may be a time at which we decide it is necessary to cancel more weeks or close our doors for the remainder of the season.

This is a very uncertain and unsettled time for us all. We thank you for supporting us.

We wish you safety and happiness amidst the chaos.